StereoTimes: Kharma Elegance dB9-S

Like many of my audiophile friends, we’ve all got a special thing for a certain high-end product and I’ve always had a my eyes on Kharma loudspeakers. Manufactured in Holland, Kharma is well known for their impeccable cabinet design and superb sounding loudspeakers. In my experience (at trade shows until now), the Kharma sound has always been one that incorporated a sublime balance with transparency and musicality. I describe their sound as rich, full-bodied and detailed – without unwanted artifacts or colorations. That may sound like any high-end loudspeaker. True, but to my ears, most systems at shows don’t touch me like the Kharma has.

Kharma lost its visibility here in the USA, but I have been able to enjoy them at the High-End Munich show for the past few years. I was particularly impressed with their newest model in the Elegance line called the dB9-S. I gradually would spend extra time in the Kharma suite getting to know it better: listening and but thoroughly enjoying it at the same time. This time around, I liked it so much, decided to personally request a review sample. Vivienne van Oosterum, the company’s marketing manager very graciously agreed.

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