Review TAS – Exquisite Midi

In November 2020 Matthew Clott from The Absolute Sound wrote a raving review about the Exquisite Midi. Since the summer of 2020, Matthew had the loudspeaker at home for the review and after support from Vivienne and Charles about the correct positioning and tuning of the Midi, Matthew was blown away by the performance of the loudspeaker. 

As you know the Midi has been around since 2003, but that doesn’t make this an ordinary loudspeaker. Due to its convenient cabinet size and uncompromisable technology used, it has the ability to perform beyond imagination.

Or, as Matthew wrote: “As a reference-level product, the Kharma Exquisite-Midi is a pure luxury item. Considering the quality of its parts, design, fabrication, and materials—and of course its spectacular performance—it certainly justifies its price to a potential buyer. Does it offer performance that is at or above its competition in its price class, or offer something unique? Yes. For so many of the reasons above, yes! The Exquisite-Midi is a world-class speaker whose size offers flexibility others can’t come close to (acknowledging the few caveats I mentioned above). Combine that with its breathtaking performance, and it’s an absolute highest recommendation from this reviewer. I am already tearing up at the thought of packing it up and saying goodbye.” 

Charles supported Matthew during the review with feedback on his listening position and the angle of the loudspeaker. As you can see from the sketch, there are many things to take into account when you want to listen to music beyond imagination. 

It has been a priveledge and honor to help Matthew during this process and of course to receive such a raving review. 

If you like to read the whole review, click here.

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