Kharma Elegance dB7-S by Bill Wells, StereoTimes

Kharma Elegance dB7 Signature Loudspeakers

Singing In Elegant Musical Colors

Review by Bill Wells, StereoTimes.

For quite some time now, I’ve been on a journey seeking a replacement for my long-time reference Piega C-10 Limited loudspeakers. As fine as they can be, especially with that wonderful ribbon midrange/tweeter, I simply got the itch to check out what is available and something with the latest technology. In terms of my musical tastes – I listen to a wide range of music  primarily jazz, including contemporary, traditional and classic. This includes both vocals and instrumental arrangements as well. I also enjoy good R&B, gospel, fusion and much more. As such – I prefer loudspeakers that that provide a reasonable full-range presentation and particularly with high quality bass.

As things would have it, one day I got a call from the ST guru Clement Perry, regarding my interest for reviewing a pair of loudspeakers. Needless to say – my curiosity meter jumped up and my immediate response was…..“OK, I’m all ears, please tell me more.” I then learned about the arrangement underway to secure a pair of loudspeakers and specifically on my behalf. The loudspeakers in question would be coming from a highly reputable company to which I quickly said – “that’s outstanding, count me in.”  At that point, it was revealed that the loudspeakers were made by Kharma International and that I would be receiving one of their newer models – a pair of two-way floor standers. I was further reassured that despite my preference for larger, three-way, full range loudspeakers, that these particular loudspeakers would impress me. At this point – I simply gave in and suggested we make it happen.

First Glance – They Look Marvelous

Once I was able to retrieve each loudspeaker from its sturdy outer case (and inner protection), what I witnessed was an absolutely gorgeous finish with a level of craftsmanship that was truly superb. The finish was impeccable with a beautiful shiny luster. The color was a dark gray with deep purple hue and a slight metallic finish that was visually very appealing.  Additionally, the dB7S own a rock solid feel with a rap of the knuckles revealing no vibration or hollowness. These babies looked the part and appeared to be ready for prime time. Another very nice touch as how each loudspeaker had rings magnetically attached around each of the drivers giving them a clean look without any screw holes or other obvious connectors.  As expected, each loudspeaker also comes with its own grille. For all my listening – I left the grills off for ultimate performance.  Beyond that – I simply love the way these particular speakers look with their drivers exposed. It definitely enhances their overall appearance.

Let the Music Take Control

OK, OK – so you really want to know how music sounded through these dB7S’s, not just test tones from a sine-way generator. Right? In a word – they sounded fabulous. And what I mean is that these speakers not only did the many things that audiophiles often strive for including, but not limited to, such things as imaging, openness, detail, bass, power, dynamics and good extension at both ends of the frequency spectrum, but they were also immensely engaging as well. As a result, I became acutely aware of the emotional content of the recorded music and realized how these speakers managed to reveal the way in which the artist’s performance was intended.  Music simply flowed and provided an heightened illusion of the real thing.  Overall – the sound coming was very cohesive, spatially open, organic, tactile and with an excellent neutral tonal balance.


“My enthusiasm (and admiration) for the Kharma Elegance dB7 Signature loudspeaker has grown steadily since they first arrived at my home. This is a loudspeaker that offers so much performance for the size of the package, that I was completely surprised and taken by their sound. For all intents and purposes, the dB7S’s have captured my musical fancy as well as the many others who have visited and heard them at my place”. – Bill Wells, StereoTimes.

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