Enjoy the Music: Elegance dB7-S

Tom Lyle, Enjoy the Music.

“Let’s be clear. Kharma Elegance dB7-S are not the largest or the most expensive high-end loudspeakers one can buy. They aren’t even the largest or most expensive speakers in the line that they are a part of. But they are gorgeous high-end speakers that sound as good as they look, and obviously designed, built, and are intended to be included in the best high-end audio systems that are owned by those that consider themselves to be discriminating audiophiles. One can place them into an existing system, or one can build a fine system around these speakers. Although, in both cases one must keep in mind that if one were to anthropomorphize these speakers it could be said of them that they do not suffer fools. In other words, these speakers will reveal both the sonic assets and flaws of upstream equipment more than most any other speaker I can think of right now.

…The takeaway with these speakers, regardless of the hyperbolic advertising and my hyperbolic description of their audible properties, is that they look as good as they sound, and they sound unshakable. Literally. They are weighty both physically and sonically and reproduce music that sounds like music.

Kharma’s Elegance dB7-S speakers can handle any genre I played through them and were very good performers whether powered by solid-state or vacuum tubes. They are also more sensitive than expected. I don’t mean that in the way they measure – they are of average sensitivity at 88dB/W/m. Which means that most would say they’d be happy with an amplifier that puts out anywhere between 150 and 300 Watts per channel, although they performed wonderfully with my vacuum tube amps that are rated at 70 Watts per channel. But by sensitive I mean that they are very susceptible to the equipment they are paired with, and in a good way too!

Kharma’s Elegance dB7-S speakers will feel at home with the equipment that a well-healed audiophile as they assemble the most perfect system as they can, while they continue their search for that musical holy grail.”

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