Opening Kharma showroom in Prague

At the end of 2018, VOIX has openend a Kharma showroom in Prague. A 100 square meter showroom with Kharma acoustics, casa products, loudspeakers, cables and electronics.

Kharma has designed the entire showroom, from the floor, to the walls and even the ceiling has been acoustically treated. All to create an experience beyond imagination. Within the showroom there are also two Kharma acoustic panels incorporated, called ‘the second wave’. The placement of these panels has been calculated into detail, to make sure they fully live up to their function. Within the Kharma showroom you can experience the Exquisite Midi Grand, with Exquisite amplifiers and cables, placed on the Enigma Veyron audio rack. On the opposite side of the room you can enjoy listening to the Elegance Visionair paired with the Elegance dB11-S and Elegance Cables.

Curious? You can visit their shop at: VOIX, Dusni 3 in Prague.

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