Retrospection T.H.E. Show 2013

Of course we tried very hard to be at the CES in the Venetian, were traditionally there is more traffic, but it was simply impossible. This year, I was accompanied by my son Mitchell and daughter Vivienne and a very good friend Vincent de Ridder.

Vivienne just graduated her international Masters on Marketing Management and Mitchell just graduated from University of Delft in Electronics, it was their first time in Las Vegas. Everything went seamless right from the beginning, no missing parts, no damaged parts, everything worked right out of the box. And what’s more, after some simple tweaking the sound was already marvellous the first day. I have experience in Vegas for more than 15 years, but this was the first time when all lights were so green! The show was really about enjoying music and people really enjoyed visiting our room. After a few days happily also the press found our room and we had our share of press and dealers and distributors visiting our room. There were very nice discussions with long term audiophiles who got so excited about the sound that they even gave their iTunes card to download music on the spot that they wanted their fellow audiophile to hear. They were strictly talking about the music. That was downloaded onto a Mac-mini solid state that served as music server and the digital was sent through a brand new Kharma Xtreme-USB2 cable to the dCS Vivaldi DAC, clock and upsampler. During this show we were playing with the Elegance dB9-S. 

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