Kharma Enigma Veyron project

The previous months Kharma has been very busy with the development of the new Enigma Veyron System. During the Ultimate High-End Kharma event in Breda visitors were able to see the early developments of this prestigious system for the very first time. The Enigma Veyron system is the most advanced audio system in the world and will carry many new technologies developed by Kharma. The complete Enigma Veyron system consists of two main loudspeakers, eight subwoofers, four mono amplifiers, a pre-amplifier and two power distribution blocks.

Charles and the Enigma Veyron

To create a new level of sound quality and truly offer superior technology that would push the limits of current dynamic loudspeakers was not an easy task. This time fully new engineered Kharma drivers are the basis of the Enigma Veyron. As well as a new cabinet, materials, internal cable technology and more.

We decided to offer the whole package to drive the full Enigma Veyron as well. So, new wideband linear power amps, a complete new touchscreen operated pre-amp and massive power distributors as well as a diamond suspended audiorakc were developed. In the coming months we will be sharing more information to you about all these amazing components that will surely find their way in more Kharma products in the near future.

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