Introducing the Exquisite MP1000 and P1000 in 2013

World Premiere actually for the new Exquisite MP1000 mono power amplifiers and the P1000 preamplifier. Designed as full analog linear wideband amplifiers. The preamp come standard with incredible features, solid silver windings on the power transformer secondaries, fully point hardwired without traditional circuit boards with ultra high pure solid silver. 48 steps attenuator with the very best resistors, wired with silver, and for convenience a full 2-way radio frequent remote control with position matching software that checks the perfect position of the attenuator. To our knowledge there is no solid state preamp build like this at the moment, and we feel we found the reason why some of the great tube amplifiers have this airy sound, it’s because of the absence of a circuit board with printed circuits.

Many people liked the fact a lot that they could see inside components through a 10mm thick polished acrylic topplate and asked if they could have it like that. The match with dCS Vivaldi was great, finally a set that was on par with the resolution possible with the Elegance dB9-S loudspeakers and Exquisite electronics.

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