Kharma reveals new RCA Cable

After a lot of designing and prototyping Kharma is very proud to present to you: The new RCA-connector for the Exquisite and Enigma Veyron Interlinks. With a special Kharma-twist-lock you can now connect your RCA cable in a very easy way. But be aware, this isn’t just a nice feature, but it also locks the RCA cable more tight and close to the terminals, creating an ultimate contact surface for perfect seamless connection and signal transport. The new RCA plug is handcrafted in the Kharma factory and consists solely out of pure Silver. The centre pin and the chamber use the same Silver that is also been used inside the cable. Creating the ultimate synergy for sound perfection.

Curious for more? Than view Charles van Oosterum’s interview on the new RCA-Connector here.

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