Kharma Exquisite Midi Grand with the new developed Enigma Veyron driver

New release – Recently we introduced the new developments for the Enigma Veyron system. Now for the very first time, people will be able to experience this new driver technology during the High End show in Munich on 14-17 May.

Kharma will present the new driver technology of the Enigma Veyron system in the Exquisite Midi Grand. This Midi Grand will be equipped with a 7-inch and an 11-inch Kharma driver. The newly developed driver is called the Omega 7 F-driver, where the F stands for zero Foucault current. This lack of induced currents in the voice coil is realised by using a patented ironless magnet motor system. In this way a new level of refinement has been created.

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