Creative ideas

The base of a new product is formed by the creative ideas we get in multiple disciplines. The combination of these creative ideas eventually leads to significant sound improvements merged with a distinctive aesthetical appeal.
Kharma products

Technological expertise

By constantly challenging the status quo, technological expertise is build up in a large range of special materials and physical principles. This kind of expertise has lead to for example the carbon cone technology for our drivers and a diamond disc suspension system in our Enigma Veyron collection.

Experienced ears

The Kharma sound of each product is created by a team of experienced ears that know precisely how to translate each listening session into valuable input for the next iteration.

Kharma Craftsmanship

Modern Craftsmanship

True beauty can only be created by endless passion. Just as the products are created and engineered with passion, the manufacturing of the products is done by highly dedicated craftsmen with a true passion for creating the ultimate Dutch Masterpiece.

Modern technologies are used to produce parts with machined precision, while at the same time our products are hand assembled to retain the special feeling of a product created by skilled hands.

Modern techniques

Craftsmanship is clearly present in the modern techniques that are used to create individual parts with high precision or/and special properties. A grasp out of the modern techniques used to create our parts: 5-axis CNC machines, cutting-edge carbon fibre technology, Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology and advanced core treatments.

Skilled feeling

The creation of the product is eventually done by passionate members of the Kharma team. They have the special feeling to make the product a real Dutch Masterpiece. Making sure each product sounds perfect, looks beautiful and will last for years.

Personal treatment

A masterpiece can be recognized by its fine details and the quality of a finish. Every Kharma product receives a personal quality control multiple times along the manufacturing process. The criteria of quality control are set on the high-end audio as well as the high-end finish of the product to meet the expectations of the ears and eyes of the beholder. When a Kharma product is completed, there is always a personal quality control to make sure that even the smallest detail live up to the high standards of our masterpieces. After shipment the internal quality control automatically turns into dedicated service and aftercare. Kharma has carefully selected a global network of dealers to assure the Kharma experience is Beyond Imagination. 

Kharma products

Individual Quality control

By monitoring the manufacturing processes and performing a final quality control on each product individually, each product gets a personal treatment. After the product is tested sonically, it is inspected visually as well and packed with attention to detail. The personal attention is for example illustrated by the standard procedure to hand-polish all lacquer-based products before packing.

Dedicated Service

For an experience beyond imagination, not only the product has to be perfect, but also the service and aftercare must be outstanding. Our dealer network consists out of enthusiastic and experienced audio experts that can help each individual customer worldwide.