Matrix Sub

The Matrix Sub with more than 60 mm linear excursion moves the air in such a way you can listen to music with al your body. In other words; it enables the listener to listen to music the way it meant to be.

Every part of this unique speaker is aimed at only one goal: forming the ultimate open-air subwoofer that will create the perfect image together with the other Matrix speakers in your setup.

Matrix Sub: Specifications

System features

This Matrix Sub is the perfect match for the Matrix series. In this active system the under hung neodymium magnet system drives an 18 inch unit. The unit is being driven by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controlled proprietary switching amplifier with very high power. It uses a unique pulse control scheme that takes feedback only from the speaker terminal.

This Matrix subwoofer is standard executed in a high-end active version.


The Matrix Sub has an 18-inch aluminium cone subwoofer, which have a peak to peak excursion of 67 mm. This linear excursion does not only look impressive, but also delivers an astonishing detailed bass.

Low frequencies: 18-inch Aluminium cone sub-driver

Technical specs

Type: MAT-SB-2.0-A
System: Active Open-air Subwoofer
RMS Power: 800 Watt
Program power: 1600 Watt
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 200 Hz
Impedance: 220K Ohm
Maximum SPL: 120 dB
Phase: 0-180° / 5°


Including Stand:
Width: 675 mm / 26.57 inch
Height: 782 mm / 30.92 inch
Depth: 945 mm / 37.20 Inch

Excluding stand:

Width: 675 mm / 26.57 Inch
Height: 700 mm / 27.56 Inch
Depth: 945 mm / 37.20 Inch


Advised external cable
The Matrix Sub can be perfectly complemented with the Matrix cable series , because this cable series is specially designed to match the Matrix Collection.     

Matrix Sub: Options

A Kharma product must not only have an unbelievable refined sound, which meets the needs of a true music lover, but also must have an astonishing finish to compete with the musicality of the system.

Primary Stock Program
The originality of the Matrix speaker series consists of returning to the origin. This is reached by making the speakers almost completely out of aluminium, which can be blank or black anodized. The colour options of the Matrix Sub is therefore also silver and black to match with the entire Matrix Collection.

* Colours shown only give an indication of the real colour, contact your dealer for references.

Matrix Sub: Infotainment


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