Matrix M4

The Matrix is the new paradigm in sound architecture. This speaker anticipates on the request for a high-end Home Cinema speaker system in a complete new way. The main point for this design was to use the possibility to aim sound. Several studies have been done on how to create a system that could fill up any room with high-end sound.

This resulted in a hanging speaker almost completely made out of aluminium. Its direction can be adjusted by rotation over a vertical and over a horizontal axis. Multiple High Frequency unit array gives projection control of sound minimising unwanted reflections. The depth of the speaker can be adjusted by changing the length of the rod, the speaker hangs on.

The Matrix M4 is available as high-end active or passive version. The Matrix M4 can perfectly be used as a front speaker in a system with the Matrix M2 as rear- or side-speaker.

Matrix M4: Specifications

System features

The body of the Matrix M4 is almost completely made out of aluminium. The front panel is milled aluminium, where the hoods are sand aluminium casted. As a result the Matrix M4 is a very robust looking speaker with a revolutionary design.

The Matrix M4 is both available in a passive version and in an active version. The active version is equipped with an integrated Matrix MP150 amplifier.


High frequencies: 6 x 1-inch Titanium-dome tweeter
Mid / Low frequencies: 4 x 7-inch Glass Fibre driver

Technical specs

The Matrix M4 is the most powerful speaker from the Matrix series, which actual is a double Matrix M2 version for heavier applications. The technical specifications of the passive version of the Matrix M4 are given below. See infotainment for specifications of the active version.

Type: MAT-M4-1.1
System: 2-way
RMS Power: 2 x 200 Watt
Program power: 2 x 400 Watt
Frequency range: 45 Hz – 22 kHz
Nominal Impedence: 2 x 4 Ohm
Efficience 2,83V / 1m: 95 dB
Maximum SPL: 120 dB


The physical dimensions of the Matrix M4 have no influence on the floor area at all and therefore are very suitable to use for Home Cinema systems or for entertainment rooms. Moreover the freedom to aim the sound gives the possibility to change the speaker setting fast in a changing environment.

Including Stand:
Width: 578 mm / 22.76 inch
Height: 830 mm / 32.68 inch
Depth: 367 mm / 14.45 inch

Excluding stand:

Width: 500 mm / 19.69 inch
Height: 429 mm / 16.89 inch
Depth: 281 mm / 11.06 inch

Rotation freedom:

Horizontal plane: 360 degrees
Vertical plane: 80 degrees


Advised amplifier
The Matrix M4 is available in both a passive and an active version. This active version has an integrated Matrix MP150 amplifier. When it is preferred to not have an integrated amplifier, the Matrix MP150 can also be delivered as a separate product.

Advised external cable
The Matrix M4 speaker can be perfectly matched with the Matrix cable series.

Matrix M4: Options

A Kharma product must not only have an unbelievable refined sound, which meets the needs of a true music lover, but also must have an astonishing finish to compete with the musicality of the system.

Primary Stock Program
The originality of this Matrix speaker consists of returning to the origin. This is reached by making this speaker almost completely out of aluminium.  Two finishes of this speaker have proven their looks in the past and showing of this clear massage of returning to the origin. Therefore the available colour options in the primary stock program are blank and black anodized aluminium. The hoods are made of sandcasted aluminium with the matching colour. 

* Colours shown only give an indication of the real colour, contact your dealer for references.

Matrix M4: Infotainment


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