Enigma Veyron Subwoofer

The Enigma Veyron Subwoofer is the ultimate active subwoofer made by Kharma, which has been designed to both sonically as aesthetically match with the Enigma Veyron Loudspeakers and Enigma Veyron Amplifier, Pre-amplifier and Audio Rack. 

This massive subwoofer is constructed of 4 centimetres thick Bulletwood and aluminium plates to form a solid base for the reproduction of an impressive tight bass. The bass is produced by a 15-inch subwoofer driver with a Composite Sandwich cone, specially developed by Kharma. 

Although one subwoofer weighs 210 kilograms, the subwoofer is placed on a Diamond stand for the perfect decoupling with it's surrounding. 

Enigma Veyron Subwoofer: Specifications

Technical specs

System: Active Subwoofer
Circuit: Linear amplifier topology
RMS Power: 200 Watt
Frequency range: 17 Hz - 250 Hz
Maximum SPL: 117 dB
Peak power: 400 Watt
Output impedance: 0 Ohm
Damping factor: > 2000
Gain: 26 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): -120 dB
Inter-Modulation Distortion (IMD): - 120 dB
Input impedance: 10 kOhm (each input to GND)
Connections: 1 balanced (female XLR) mono input


The Enigma Veyron Subwoofer consists out of modular levels, which can be stacked upon each other with a maximum of two levels in total. This restriction is required to limit the weight on the Diamond stands of the subwoofer. The bottom level of the subwoofer has a slight different dimension, because of the integration of floor protectors.  

Bottom level:
Width: 780 mm / 30.7 inch
Height: 591 mm / 23.3 inch
Depth: 687 mm / 27.0 inch

Top level:

Width: 780 mm / 30.7 inch
Height: 540 mm / 21.3 inch
Depth: 687 mm / 27.0 inch

Nett weight:

210 kg / 463 lbs


The subwoofer is executed with an integrated DSP or with an impressive external DSP module. This DSP can be controlled via an Apple iPad, which gives access to the tuning of many subwoofer parameters. A High-pass and low-pass filter is available with a Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filter type. These can vary from 6 dB/Oct to 24 dB/Oct. Moreover, 5 individual Parametric Equalizer Points can be set to a Bell, Notch, Allpass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Bandpass, High Pass or Low Pass. These can be set by frequency, gain and Q-factor. The DSP has 5 factory presets, which can be used for a quick reference, but also has the option to make multiple custom presets.  

The app can be downloaded for free in the app store. The app also has a demo mode to be able to see what can be controlled in a real device. 

Enigma Veyron Subwoofer: Options

Stock Program

The Enigma Veyron Subwoofer can be delivered with an integrated DSP or with a dedicated Enigma Veyron DSP module. This DSP module is based on the Enigma Veyron Audio Rack. The DSP module is recommended when more than 2 subwoofers are used to support an Enigma Veyron Loudspeaker. This gives the advantage of tuning multiple subwoofers at once with a dedicated module that not only has a clear function but also has an impressive appearance.    

For the complete system all options for finishes are open for discussion. Please feel free to contact Kharma International if you would like more information about the possibilities.   

Enigma Veyron Subwoofer: Infotainment


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